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Grand Shield '96

Hello all,
      For those interested, the test-piece for the 1996 Grand Shield Contest 
will be 'Variations On A Ninth' by Gilbert Vinter. 
      The Contest is the qualifier for the British Open.  20 bands are invited 
for various reasons (winning their Area the previous year, coming in the top 10 
or so of the last Grand Shield etc...)and the bands who come 1st and 2nd replace 
the bands who came 19th and 20th in last year's Open in this year's Open 
(actually, it's done on aggregate over the last two years...).  
     Our band has been invited again, and the contest will take place in the 
Albert Hall, Bolton, Lancashire on Saturday 4th May.

Best wishes,
Tim Morgan, Bass Trombone, Woolley Pritchard Sovereign Brass.
French Open Champions 1995, Burtonwood Brewery Champions 1995.

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