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Re: WWW page for the brass band list


I'll start by introducing myself; my name is Chris Hatch and I currently play 
cornet with Verwood Concert Brass in Dorset.  Before that I played sop in 
Southampton City band and that really is my main instrument.

Now, sometime back Nigel wrote:
> I'm in the throws of creating a WWW page for the list. Comments are most
> welcome, and should you wish a link to your band's page let me know.

> As I only have a demon account the page will only be up when I'm logged on
> using their Windows s\w, but that's most weekends during the day.

You might be interested to know that you can get free web space at 

I have myself been setting up some pages there when I get time.  You can ftp 
them to the site and it is always online.  Perhaps this would help with the 
availability problem.

Yes, it really is free.

Chris   (under construction)

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