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Re: European Brass Band Championships 1996 (Bergen, Norway)

On Tue, 23 Jan 96 08:53:00 GMT, you wrote:
>What's everyone's opinion on this ?
>If I remember correctly, Black Dyke got 240 000 GBP sponsorship
>from bradford and Bingley's over three years.
I heard 210 000, but what's 30 000 between friends. They also have to
run the band for 3 years with this money.

>The story I've heard is that Tredgar Band are putting their hands in   
>their own pockets to go.
>I guess that means they want to represent their country and the Dyke
>players don't ?
Are you sure the Dyke *player's* were the one's who made the decision.

>We don't get many chances to represent our country in any form - so
>I find it amazing that Dyke think they should refuse ?
>Do you think they are letting us all down ? Unless there is something   
>else behind it all..........
I don't feel let down personally, after all the UK will still be
represented. However, I can't help wondering whether the decision might
have something to do with Mr Watsons previous visit to the Europeans in
Norway, which led to Desford's ban from European competition ? Of course
I could be wrong.
>Is there anyone else who wouldn't be prepared to pay some money towards
>such a trip themselves ? I guess we all might refuse if we were just paid
>professionals, but we are all band fans/fanatics/hobbyists aren't we ?
Mmm, are you just trying to be controversial here ? I would hardly refer
to the band as "paid professionals". I mean, I don't see any of them
making their living from playing in the band, do you ?

>Thanks - look forward to your replies !
Interesting subject, but at the end of the day, I don't think the
European competition is as important as perhaps it should be.

Richard Gosney
Sheffield, UK

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