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Re: Tenor horn

> First of all, anyone out there who plays B&H tenors, do you find
> problems with your valves? 

No, my valves are OK, I do have to clean them quite regularly though.
Some guys got new Sovereign cornets at the same time that I got the
Horn and I know that they've had some valve trouble. 

> I play a 900 Series, and I still have lots and lots of 
> tight valve problems!

If it's the valve caps and bottoms then I've had this prob. Try 
swapping the caps around. This worked well for me.

> Secondly:  One of my all time dreams since getting into brass bands
> two years ago when ours was founded has been to come to England and
> play in a "real" brass band!  Are there many bands that are all
> male, or are there opportunities for women to play that are very
> common? (I'm not sure how to word this!)

I think that there are only 5 or so all male Bands left in the UK;
Black Dyke, Farieys, Grimethorpe, Brighouse and BNFL (possibly Cory as
well in S Wales)  Most bands have women in and it probably won't be
long before all bands have women in.

> Lastly, anyone could answer this, to the you usually
> have more than one solo horn in your bands?  Our director added a
> second this year and I find i am having a hard time playing with him
> and tuning.  He mainly plays horn and doesn't put a lot of time in
> on his brass band instrument.  Our sounds just don't blend!  Just
> curious!

Nope, standard practice is to have only one horn on each part (which
makes life for the Solo Horn player hard). I personally find it hard
if someone else is playing my part along side me all the time (mass
bands) although once or twice on very big concerts we have carried
four horns and played two on top. In this instance the bumper (or
second solo horn) should only play in load tutti passages or when the
principal wants to have a rest. Maybe the thing to do is take it in

Hope this helps

Les McCormack
Black Dyke Mills Band

Leslie McCormack	       EMC Engineer
York EMC Services	     Department of Electronics
University of York		Tel: +44 (0) 1904 434440  
Email lmm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Fax: +44 (0) 1904 434434

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