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Official NABBA dates/times (really, all of them :)

This is long, but it contains ALL of the dates/times for the North
American Brass Band Association Championships, and is worth reading
(because the dates and time are all here AND correct :).

All info taken from The Brass Band Bridge (Official Jornal of NABBA Inc.)

Friday, April 12th:
12-4:00 pm Solo Contest

   12:00 Adam Wilson (Euphonium)
   12:10 Morgan Stine (Bass)
   12:20 Phil Robinson (Euphonium)
   12:30 Robert Snelson (Cornet)
   12:40 Brian Adair (Euphonium)

   Adult Slow Melody-

   12:50 Diana Herak (Euphonium)
   1:00 Ron WIlliams (Cornet)
   1:10 Robert Gray (Cornet)
   1:20 Lindsay Brawner (Flugelhorn)
   1:30 Laura Wells (Trombone)
   1:40 Darrin Harvey (Euphonium

   Adult Technical
   12:00 Kateri Grasso (Euphonium)
   12:10 Ian Robinson (Bass)
   12:20 Jeff Sharpe (Euphonium)
   12:30 John Meling (Euphonium)
   12:40 Mark Erdman (Cornet)
   12:50 Brian Fredericksen (Euphonium)
   1:00 Julie Vish (Eb Soprano)
   1:10 Lisa Muth (Alto Horn/Tenor Horn?)
   1:20 Rob Barnes (Euphonium)
   1:30 Judges' Break
   1:40 Ronald Grundberg (Euphonium)
   1:50 John Aren (Alto/Tenor Horn?)
   2:00 Scott Heath (Euphonium)
   2:10 Gregory Belhorn (Euphonium)
   2:20 Dennis Mondracek (Cornet)
   2:30 Gerald Murphy (Euphonium)
   2:40 William Tackacs (Eb Soprano)
   2:50 Ron Williams (Cornet)
   3:00 Robert Smelzer (Flugelhorn)
   3:10 Niles Dening (Bass)
   3:20 Kevin Carrol (Trombone)
   3:30 Michael Stultz (Euphonium)
   3:40 Jeff Rutherford (Bass Trombone)

Open Class Competition-Friday, April 12th all times P.M.

   8:20 Open #1-University Brass
   8:57 Open #2-Motor City Brass
   9:34 Open #3-Woods Manufacturing
   10:11 Open #4-Scioto Valley Brass and Percussion

Saturday, April 13th:

Youth Competition:

   8:00 am Youth #1-Junior Varsity All Stars

Challenge Section:

   8:27 Challenge #1-Queen City Brass
   9:04 Challenge #2-Cincinatti Brass
   9:41 Challenge #3-Commonwealth Brass
   10:18 Challenge #4-Varsity All Stars (My band :)
   10:55 Challenge #5-NCSU British Brass

   11:22 Judges' Lunch

Honors Section:

   12:00 pm Honors #1-Dominion Brass
   12:37 Honors #2-Heidelberg Brass
   1:14 Honors #3-All Star Brass and Percussion
   1:51 Honors #4-Eastern Iowa Brass Band

2:28 Judges' Break

Championship Section:

   2:45 Championship #1-Brass Band of Columbus
   3:22 Champ. #2-Illinois Brass
   3:59 Champ. #3-Sheldon Theatre
   4:36 Champ. #4-Weston Silver
   5:13 Champ. #5-Central Ohio Brass

7:30 Awards Ceremony
(After awards) 
11th Annual "God and Country" concert, featuring the Brass Band of
Columbus and the Salvation Army Southern Territorial Band

I hope I could answer all the schedule questions you have.

Matt LaFontaine

Dublin Scioto HS Boy's Varsity Tennis Team
Dublin Scioto HS Marching Band '98 Bari.
All Star Brass Bands of Columbus Varsity Euph.
Performing at NABBA '96 in Dublin, Ohio

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