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Re: Tenor horn

>Hi everyone!  I am the solo tenor horn player in the Heidelberg Brass
>Band in Tiffin, Ohio USA.  I have a few questions actually if you'll bear
>with me.  I'll try to be as organized as possible(:
>First of all, anyone out there who plays B&H tenors, do you find problems
>with your valves?  I play a 900 Series, and I still have lots and lots of
>tight valve problems!
>Secondly:  One of my all time dreams since getting into brass bands two
>years ago when ours was founded has been to come to England and play in a
>"real" brass band!  Are there many bands that are all male, or are there
>opportunities for women to play that are very common? (I'm not sure how
>to word this!)
>Lastly, anyone could answer this, to the you usually have
>more than one solo horn in your bands?  Our director added a second this
>year and I find i am having a hard time playing with him and tuning.  He
>mainly plays horn and doesn't put a lot of time in on his brass band
>instrument.  Our sounds just don't blend!  Just curious!
>Thanks everyone!
>Lisa Kaye Muth

I play 1st trombone in Warringah Concert Brass, a B grade brass band in
Sydney, Australia. Just a quick response to your questions.

I used to play a B&H tenor horn a few years ago, and I only occasionally
had problems with sticking valves. This was probably due to my bad habit of
dropping valve oil down the stem of the valves rather than going to the
trouble of taking each valve out and cleaning it properly at every
practice. I suggest you can take your instrument to a repairer and get the
valves checked and lapped in to ensure a smooth fit. You shouldn't put up
with persistent sticking valves.

Our Band does not double the solo horn, though this would not be uncommon.
Obviously players should have a rapport, particularly if they are doubling
the same part as does the Eupho, solo cornet etc. I guess it's up to your
Musical Director to position players according to their skills and tonal

Gender in bands in Australia is not an issue at all. Women play all
instruments from soprano to BBb bass, frequently in solo positions, though
I'll admit there are few women conductors in the brass band movement so
far.  The well-established bands always have several women, while the
younger bands frequently have more females than males. For example, our A
grade Youth Band (<19 years) only has about half a dozen boys. Our Senior
Band is about 50:50, with an average age probably under 20. (I drag the
average up a bit!). The trend is clear and very encouraging.

Darrall Cutting

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