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RE: Illinois Brass Band

At 2:00 AM 4/13/96, Michael Conwell wrote:

> > The Get Info window of the firmware updater says it was created June
> >'95. However, it seems to have been posted only last February on the
> >Web. It is available along with a GlobalFax updater at
> >
> >
> >Chris
> I checked your URL for the 1.40 firmware update and the update that you
> have given is for the 1.21 update.  The 1.40 update is not on GV servers.
> I don't know why.
> There is another page on
> but the link given is invalid.
> If you used the 1.21 updater, then you may have downgraded your flash rom
> (depending what version you had already).


I got the update from <> but
the 1.400 firmware updater has disappeared from that location. Maybe it
will be back soon. Make a note that, after you update, you have to click to
Modem Reset button in the control panel to get the firmware version to show
1.400 when you click on the bullseye _O_ in the Global Village Fax Center


Carl Falb
Columbus, Ohio, USA
cfalb@xxxxxxxxxxx / light3@xxxxxxx

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