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Bicycling Band

>From Robert Lynch, Eb Bass, Evening Post Onslow Band, Wellington, NZ.
Hello again!
Are there ANY other bands in the world who ride bicycles as part of their act?
While in Sydney, Australia for the Aus championships, I had the great pleasure
of seeing the Melbourne Municipal Bicycling Band entertain the Easter crowds
around Darling Harbour. They are a 10-piece outfit who play on a custom-made
bicycle, allowing them to travel at breakneck speed around open public spaces
while playing. The players are all involved in the professional music business
in Victoria, and put on a routine that is varied and REALLY entertaining. It was
the funniest banding show I have ever seen, yet quality of playing was
excellent. Their uniform: brightly coloured cycle helmets, military/German-style
band jackets, "tight" black cycling shorts, white socks and trainers.
Promotional literature suggests that they hold "the world land speed record for
Strauss waltzes", and mentions tours they made to Boston USA (Columbus Day
Parade 1988), Osaka Japan (1989) and Jakarta Indonesia (1990). They were invited
to play at the Fetes de Geneve, Switzerland. The band combines two of
Melbourne's great traditions: bicycle riding and brass band playing, and was
formed in 1986. They tell me they are keen to do another overseas tour, and I am
looking into the possibilities of getting them to come to NZ. Their routine is
rich in comedy and talent.
	If there's anyone in NZ who thinks this band could front a parade or
open-air concert, perhaps you could let me know. For others in the world, is
there anything similar? Any other comedy routines worth knowing about? If anyone
wishes to contact them, some contact telephone numbers (apparently no e-mail)
David	+61 3 9312 1383
Rob	+61 3 9397 1127
Don	+61 3 9489 6071.
William	+61 3 9397 6880.

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