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Tuba Mouthpiece

Tuba Mouthpiece Experts,

I have just obtained an 1850 Doddworth Eb Over-The-Shoulder Bass
Saxhorn. The
mouthpiece receiver will accept most standard tuba mouthpieces.

I have been told that a Shilke 72 should fit the receiver and is the
proper modern
mouthpiece for this tuba. 

Any information that I could obtain about the Shilke 72 would be greatly
What is the difference between this mouthpiece and the Bach 24 or 24 AW.
I am going
to have to order the mouthpiece because music stores around here do not
carry this


Bob Baccus
Olde Towne Brass
205-730-1505 (Work)
205-534-4857 (Home)

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