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audition literature


First of all congratulations to all participants and organizers in this
year's NABBA. I'm saving my pennies to go to Redwing next year to listen.

In the orchestral world, tuba players have stacks of standard excerpts that
are used for auditions. I'm wondering what a BBb or EEb bass player would
have to perform for an audition with one of the top British bands? Are
there any standard excerpts or is it all player choice? And, if any of you
really wanted to test a bass player, what would you have them play?

Bob Sadler
BBb Bass, Saskatoon Brass Band

Bob Sadler				     sadler@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Technology Transfer/Industry Liaison	   <insert standard disclaimer>
University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon SK, Canada
The facts, as interesting as they may be, are irrelevant.

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