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Yately, Hampshire

Hello all,

My name is William Dee and I play Euphonium for Dungarvan Brass Band,
Ireland. Dungarvan is a small town on the south coast, not far from
Waterford (famous for Waterford Crystal), although I work for Intel in Dublin.

The reason for writing is an articule I read in my local newspaper. It seems
that Dungarvan may twin with Yately in Hampshire. I`m sure Yately must have
a band, and I`d love to get in contact with them. So if anyone out there
knows of a band in or near Yately, I`d really be grateful for a contact address.

As a final word, can I say what a good idea this list is? It`s really been
an eye-opener and a pleasure to see so many bands from around the world
talking to each other, and many of your comments are now stuck on our notice

Hope to hear from you soon!

William Dee.
Dungarvan Brass Band.

P.S. Anymore Irish bands out there?

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