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Nearly a Disaster

At a contest several years ago, I was playing solo cornet to help out
the section (we were pretty desparate because I'm a eupho player).  The
piece was "Variations on a Ninth" and I'd been practicing hard for
months to get into some form.  The contest was being held in a large
country town and the family stayed overnight in a local motel.

On the night of the contest, we drove into town and I casually strolled
into the new Civic Centre with about 25 minutes to spare (heaps of time
to warm up I thought).  Something didn't look quite right though.  There
were gymnasts running all over the hall doing funny things, as they are
prone to do. I asked someone where the bands were and they replied "what
bands".  I just made it to the old Town Hall as the band was lining up
to go on stage.  Thank goodness I was playing cornet or I might have had
a heart attack, running about half a mile with a eupho.

We didn't win, but played creditably enough, considering the stress I
must have caused.

Roy Taylor,
City of Dandenong Band,
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA.

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