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Re: Peter Jones

I do not known Peter Jones at all, but I must reflect on this message, because 
Morris Motors was my first meeting with a real english brass band. It was in 
1964 in the town where H.C Andersen was born - Odense. I do not remember the 
concertprogram at all, but when you - up till then - have heard only danish 
scoutbands, it was an overwhelming experience when the band started and played 
"God save the Qeen". Iwill never forget that sound.
Was it also the sound of Peter Jones?


On Tue, 20 Aug 1996, John Nolan <J.Nolan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>Those of you who were active in the Brass Band world during the 80's 
>may have known Pete Jones who played E Flat for Morris Motors for a 
>number of years.
>I have to report that he died suddenly whilst playing golf last 
>He was a fund of humour and good will as well as being a fine player 
>and will be sadly missed.
>His funeral will be at the Oxford Crematorium at 11:00 on Wed. 
>28/8/96. His wife Sue would I'm sure be happy to see as many of his 
>old friends as possible.
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