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The Final Cut

I've just been watching an episode of the BBC TV  Series "The Final Cut"
and it struck me that  the theme music - a march a la Handel with
baroque-sounding trumpets over lower brass and an interesting "trio"
section - would sound good on a brass band.  I glimpsed the composer's name
on the credits and I think it was "James Parker".   Does anyone know of a
brass band version?

I think the same music was used for the first series ("House of Cards"), so
perhaps it might exist under that name.

Also from the same program - Francis Urquhart would have made a fine
Keep your fingers on the valves.

Jack Alexander
1st Baritone
Waverley Bondi Beach Band

E-mail: J.Alexander@xxxxxxxxxxx

Jack Alexander
Senior Lecturer
School of Optometry
University of NSW
Sydney NSW 2052   Australia

Telephone: (61) (2) 9385 5290	 Fax: (61) (2) 313 8604
E-mail: J.Alexander@xxxxxxxxxxx

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