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Are you playing in the Internet band on 20th October?<nl><nl>Is your own ba=
nd in need of local publicity?<nl><nl>Well, the thought has just struck me =
that, if it would be helpful to our list members own bands, they could mayb=
e have their band sec/P.R. person to send a press release to the local rag =
to explain that the Kinderminster Blowers will be represented by Joe Bloggs=
 in the first ever live brass band performance on the Internet,,,Blah blah =
blah.  Such a press release could contain details of the band list, the Int=
ernet band project, and, of course, details on how people can make contact =
with your own band for bookings etc.<nl><nl>This would make quite an intere=
sting local story, and also be another mention for your band in the paper. =
 (Please - No mention of other players in the Internet band and the bands t=
hey come from, so as not to upset anyone - we don't REALLY<italic> </italic=
>know each other, people's arrangements could change, and we must respect p=
rivacy!) <nl><nl>Just a thought - Hope it helps some band somewhere! Fire s=
ome story off to the local rag and let us all know how you get on.<nl><nl>N=
igel W<nl>-- <nl><nl><nl>

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