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Re: Eb solos

> the plight of Eb players is that everyone seems to want to write solos for 
> Bb instruments.  I play tenor horn and am always on the look out for good Eb 
> solos both slow melodies and variations.

Originally being a horn player I know how you feel. I have an arrangment for
horn and band of 'Eternal Flame'. The bad news is that I haven't yet sorted
out the copyright. I have spoken to the publishers and there is no problem
all I need to do is get my act together. Should there be sufficient interest
from you & other's I'll sort it out. Sadly this would mean that I'd have to
charge, say #10, for the arrangement - I couldn't do it free.


Nigel Horne. Conductor, Arranger, Band Tutor. Internet: njh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Fidonet: Nigel Horne @ 2:253/417.49; Packet: G0LOV@GB7SYP.#19.GBR.EDU; Phone: +44-1226-283021.

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