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Re: Eb solos

Hi All

In response to recent requests for bass trombone and e-flat horn solos,
don't forget to check out the Salvation Army music resources in your area.  

I've heard a very entertaining arrangement of a Weber Concertino for Horn
arranged by Michael Kenyon and particularly enjoy the old-style smokin'
valves solo "The Old Rustic Bridge" by Eric Leidzen.  Others I've hacked
through and enjoyed (on my e-flat bass) include Eric Ball's "Swiss
Melodies", Griffin's arrangement of Mozart's "Theme from Clarinet Quintet"
and the e-flat Soprano solo "An Irish Melody".

For my instrument, the e-flat bass solo "Celestial Morn" by Leslie Condon
is, IMHO, a classic.

Best Regards

PS No, I don't work for them.

At 10:11 AM 9/19/96 +1200, Sergio wrote:
>If anyone has any recommendations suggestions or rumours referring to Eb
solos that they may have >heard seen or even played ...

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