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Re:Irish Bands and Professionals

>I`ve just come from a heated meeting of the South-East Region of the Irish
>Association of Brass and Military Bands. Currently, no professionals
>(members of army or police bands, orchestras etc., or anyone who earns more
>than 2/3 of their living from music. Conductors are exempt.)are allowed to
>play in Irish contests. Over the years, there have been so many ammendments
>and minor alterations to the rule, that "disagreements!" are becoming
>common. So our national executive are trying to find a solution. All bands
>have been asked to discuss the problem, and offer solutions, which will be
>voted on at the AGM in Jan/Feb `97. 
>What solutions have Associations etc. come up with in other countries, or do
>any list members have any strong views, one way or the other?
>I think the Irish movement has crippled itself not allowing professionals.
>We can learn so much from these people, but unregulated, abuses of the rules
>could cause serious rifts within the Association.
>I really would appreciate any comments on this matter.
>William Dee
>Dungarvan Brass Band
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Dear William,
		There is only one answer - open slather!! Professional
musos have so much to offer you would be totally foolish not to take
advantage of such accumulated experience and knowledge. Let's face it,
professionalism hasn't hurt tennis, soccer, and now Rugby Union!! If you
have the opportunity do away with the amateur ethos - it's outdated anyway.

		Having said that, bands here in NZ, although mostly
sponsored are still amateur - but then the movement here is still
relatively healthy, and is (not yet, anyway) not in need of such a boost!
(I've probably stirred up a local "hornets nest" - wait for the reaction !)

		Look forward to reading other opinions, 

Robin Ensoll

Sailor, Golfer, Musician, Rugby Union fan, all round Kiwi Bloke.

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