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Glenn McGowan

My name is Glenn McGowan and I'm new to the list.  I play solo cornet with 
Hawthorn City Brass Band in Melbourne Australia.   I'm currently pining for 
England.  I spent the last three months of last year in England playing with 
Yorkshire Building Society Band and University College Salford Brass Band 
under David King and did a tour of Ecuador with UCS while I was there.  I miss 
the great music heaps.  Hawthorn is a good band I suppose but it's not a patch 
on YBS!  As a result I'm very hungry for news and gossip to feed my voracious 
band appetite.  I will be in Manchester again next January for a visit.  I'd 
love to meet some of the members of the cyberspace band community then!  
Please keep me up-to-date with all the latest and thankyou Nigel Horne for 
making this list possible.
Glenn McGowan

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