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Re: need more help....

> Can anyone suggest addresses for me to look up (web sites?) on the net
> that have to do with brass bands or (preferably) Salvation Army brass
> bands?

Before we get lots of replies clogging up the list with people giving the
address of their page let me just remind you that you can get pointers to all
the brass bands on the Web from the Brass Band page 
ttp:// New bands are coming on-line all the time, so
bookmark the page and visit it often. If anyone finds out that a band has come
on line and isn't indexed let me know.


Nigel Horne. Conductor, Arranger, Band Tutor. Internet: njh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Fidonet: Nigel Horne @ 2:253/417.49; Packet: G0LOV@GB7SYP.#19.GBR.EDU; Phone: +44-1226-283021.

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