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Re: The Kingdom Triumphant

At 12:57 AM 9/27/96 UT, you wrote:
>All the recent interest in "The Kingdom Triumphant" (Eric Ball) on this list 
>made me think some of you might want to hear what I regard as the definitive 
>recording of this work.  I've played this piece many times, and heard it more 
>times and on many recordings, but I think without doubt David King's version 
>of it on Yorkshire Building Society's latest CD "Essays for Brass" 
>(Polyphonic) blows the competition away.  I'm not the only one who thinks so.  
>Read the review of the disc in BB#4900.

In thinking further about The Kingdom Triumphant, I am reminded of a
recording I have of it done at Salvation Army Festival of Gospel Song here
in Canada.  That version, which is performed by the Canadian Staff Band, is
accompanied by pipe organ and mass choir.  I'm not sure if I've heard
another recording of it other than just brass and percussion, and I'm
wondering if perhaps someone, particularly any readers from the Canadian THQ
here, might know its origin?  I would imagine it is a special accompanist's
arrangement, but who did it I don't know.  It is quite effective and very
spectacular and quite a good recording.

I've not heard Yorkshire's version of the piece, but I have heard several
other good recordings, as well as some not as good.  But it's one of those
pieces that all good bands should try at least once because it is absolutely

Erik Pittock

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