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Re: need more help.... (fwd)

Forwarded message follows:

>From darrell.yates@xxxxxxxxxx Fri Sep 27 21:19:34 1996
Subject: Re: need more help....

> Can anyone suggest addresses for me to look up (web sites?) on the 
>net that have to do with brass bands or (preferably) Salvation Army 
>brass bands?  (It's an assignment for school, and I'm NOT computer 
>literate.) > 

> Stephanie Wilson

...the Salvation Army, Canada and Bermuda Territory has a Web site 
site located at

...Assuming you have web access in your school (and preferably 
netscape navigator), you can put that address in the search string  
(the little white bar/box) at the top of your screen.  Then hit 
enter.  I haven't been to the site in quite some may still 
be under construction: however, if you like to click around alot, and 
your school has unlimited internet access (many who have computers 
and internet software, do), they probably have a "other Slavationist 
net sites" page, where you can probably get into the IHQ Web site, 
the United States, Japan, Australian and New Zealand Web sites and 
many other corps web sites (whose numbers are growing).
...Also, I think there was mention a few months ago (perhaps on 
another listserv) about some books you could get on the evolution of 
brass bands...I think there is a way to get old messages...but I'm 
sure you will be told this by the sysop, et al.

Good Luck,

Darrell S. Yates
Bandmaster (Acting) of
the Halifax Citadel Band
Halifax, Nova Scotia

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