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Re: Complimentary Brass Band Music

I would appreciate a complimentary copy of your new SHENANDOAH

Todmorden Old Band
Peter Hadfield e-mail:  p.s.hadfield@xxxxxxxxx
23 Victoria St.
Gr. Manchester
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>Attention All Brass Bands.
>B-FLAT MUSIC PRODUCTION would like to introduce you to our Brass Band
>publications by sending a complimentary copy of SHENANDOAH. It comes
>with both traditional British treble clef instrumentation as well as a
>standard "bass clef" version.
>Please email your snailmail address, and the name of your band to
>receive this "free" publication. We will distribute these, worldwide, as
>long as our current supply allows!
>B-FLAT MUSIC PRODUCTION - Things of special interest to Cornet Players.
>Please visit our site at:  http://www.erols.com/bflatmus
>Thanks for your participation - Clyde
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