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RE: Hejre Kati

There is an excellent rendition of this piece by Joe Cook (Euphonium) on
the Australia Brass disk (performed by the National Band of Australia).
However, this is Joe's own arrangement, so he has probably written in a
whole bunch of extra notes for the soloist. As to how to get one of
these disks, try:
Wright's Music Pty. Ltd.
507 Brunswick St.
North Fitzroy
Victoria, Australia 3068
phone: +61 3 9489 0809
fax: +61 3 9489 0066

I'm also giving it a plug, because Joe is the principal Euphonium with
our band :-)

Rolf Miezitis
1st Baritone
Glenorchy City Concert Brass

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>Sent: Wednesday, 2 October 1996 20:50
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>Subject: Hejre Kati
>Hi gang,
>Does anyone of you trumpetplayers knows the piece HEJRE

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