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Tom Paulin

I hear Tom Paulin (ex-Grimethorpe, now of Melbourne Australia) is on the 
Internet.  Anyone know his Email address?
Glenn McGowan

From: Nigel Horne
Sent: Saturday, October 12, 1996 8:39 AM
To: brass-band@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Members

Members of this list (there are over 250 of you) now fall into three

1) Those coming to the get together next week (I don't yet have a time
but it'll likely be 10:00 in the morning);

2) Those unable to make next weekend (hope you've all downloaded your
copies of Real Audio by now - I still have no notification of the time
of the dryrun, or the URL from Cafe Internet)

3) Those of you who don't know what I'm talking about (shame on you for
not reading the FAQ).

The rest of this message is aimed at those of you in the 3rd category.

To celebrate getting through the first year of the list we've decided to
meet to put some faces behind those e-mail addresses. The meeting is next
weekend to coincide with the Nationals in the Albert Hall. Although originally
we were just going to have a gathering we decided to make an impromptu band,
and from then we've got the Cafe Internet to agree to broadcast our rehearsal/
mini concert in real time on the WWW in what we believe to be the first live
brass band concert.

The Cafe Internet is in Victoria, which to those of you northerners who never
travel south of the Watford Gap, is two stops on the district/circle line
from South Kensington. South Ken is 10 minutes walk from the Albert Hall,
and the Cafe Internet is 2 minutes from the Victoria tube station.

All (and I do mean all) are welcome. Please let Nigel Wears
(nwears@xxxxxxxxxxxxx) know if you intend to drop in.

Currently we expect to play:
	The [ Cyber ] Spacemen		T. J. Powell
	In Memoriam			George LLoyd
					Tribute to Eric de Cloe and others
					killed in the recent air crash
	Varen				Grieg
	America				Arr. Philip Sparke

and anything anyone brings that we have time for.

Nigel Horne. Conductor, Arranger, Band Tutor. Internet: njh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Fidonet: Nigel Horne @ 2:253/417.49; Packet: G0LOV@GB7SYP.#19.GBR.EDU; Phone: +44-1226-283021.

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