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Dear Brass Band members:

The Salvation Army Mississauga Temple Band (Toronto,Canada) has released
their latest CD "Mississauga Spirit". The program is as follows:

1) March: Mississauga Spirit (Watson)
2) Festival Arrangement: Swing Hosanna (Watson)
3) Eb Bass Solo: Czardas- Soloist: Rob Brown (Monti/Watson)
4) Song Arrangement - I need Thee (Taylor/Kenyon)
5) Cornet Solo: Joyful Song - Soloist: Melody Watson (Watson)
6) Variations on Terra Beata (Curnow)
7) March: Rousseau (Ogg)
8)Eb Horn Solo:Eyes Upon Jesus-Soloist: Ian Watkinson (Watson)
9) Piano Solo: Paganini Rhapsody - Var. XVIII- Soloist: Gena Pretty
10) Euphonium Solo: The Better World-Soloist:Ty Watson(Bearcroft)
11) Vocal Solo: The King is Coming-Soloist Glenn Court (Gaither/Redhead)
12)Meditation:Lord with my all I Part (Phillips)

The CDs sell for $20.00 Canadian plus $3.00 shipping for a total of $23.00
Canadian. To place an order or for more information contact me at


Ty  Watson
Ty Watson
Euphonium Canadian Staff Band
Deputy Bandmaster Mississauga Temple Band

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