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Graduate vacancies for brass (not band) instruments in the US

I have been asked to post this to the group.

Forwarded message follows:

> From khtbn@xxxxxxx Sun Oct 27 17:35:53 1996
> Dear Sir:
> I thought you might be able pass the word in the UK on the following 
> vacancies we have here at the University of New Mexico in the USA.
> Graduate Assistantship in tuba
> Graduate Assistantship in trumpet
> Perform with the New Mexico Brass Quintet, work on a Master's Degree,
> remission of all tuition and fees plus a salary of $8,000/year
> This is a two year program to complete the degree and work as an 
> assistant in the UNM MUsic Dept.
> We also have tuition waivers and a possible assistantship for a 
> trombonist and a euphonium player.
> For further information and an application contact:
> Dr. Karl Hinterbichler
> Dept. of Music
> University of New Mexico
> Albquerque, NM  87131 USA
> 505 277-4331 phone
> 505 277-0708 fax
> e-mail: khbtn@xxxxxxx
> Thank you very much.

Nigel Horne. Conductor, Arranger, Band Tutor. Internet: njh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Fidonet: Nigel Horne @ 2:253/417.49; Packet: G0LOV@GB7SYP.#19.GBR.EDU; Phone: +44-1226-283021.

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