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Re: Review of the Film "Brassed Off" .... long(ish)

Thanks for the wonderful review!  I am sorry that it looks though the rest
of the brass-banding fraternity on this side of the Atlantic will be
deprived of what sounds like an excellent movie.  (Fellow Canadians: No
doubt this movie will show up on Bravo! sometime in 2002.)

I was wondering if you (or anyone) knew who the director was and who
produced it and what film company released the movie.  It would be nice to
be able to persuade them to release it, even if only in limited release, in
the North American market, although I doubt it would enjoy the same kind of
interest over here.  Still, it might be worth a try.  Is there perhaps some
publicity for it on the web that we haven't found out about?   I believe you
said the town and the band is fictional?  Who are the real players?  Yes, it
would be great if a CD was released and there's no reason why one couldn't
be done quite simply.  (Memo to self: check HMV at next opportunity!)

Thanks again Angela for the indepth review; it might just be the best look
at the movie that some of us get. :(

Erik Pittock

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