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RE: Reading

Yes - I'll be there.

You might find me somewhere around the bar ( ! )
during the day, but I wasn't planning on wearing a
red rose on my lapel so that you can spot me !

Most likely, I'll be with some of the guys from
the Aldbourne Band.

I'll look out for your band ( good luck - you must
be confident after Pontins ).

Shaun Mundy
Email : srm@xxxxxxxxxxx		    Tel : +44 (0)1635 565426
Micro Focus Ltd, The Lawns, Old Bath Road, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 1QN

>From: Tim Morgan[SMTP:tim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
>Sent: 12 November 1996 17:08
>To: brass-band@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: Reading
>I know Blackpool is this weekend too, but is anyone else going to Reading on 
>Saturday?  Should be a pretty hefty contest...23 bands playing Paganini 
>Variations with just one adjudicator!!  Poor man.
>Tim Morgan, Bass Trombone, Woolley Pritchard Sovereign Brass.
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