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Re: Issiah 40

On 16 Jun 97 at 12:47, Alastair Wheeler wrote:

> We played this through last night.  Yeeks!
> Anyone got advice for the low Fs in the back row (around 113)?  Do you
> tune down a la Arban, or give them to horns/trombones?
> -- 
This is a good place to use the Priviledged Harmonics.  These are 
available on most combinations of valves and are also known as False 
Harmonics.  Many people find they can play bottom F on Open.  If you 
can find the note with false fingering practise it, and it can become 
as strong (or stronger) than a correctly fingered note.  All notes 
from f# down to pedal C are available using this technique.	
I only learnt about it recently from the Tuba-Euph mailing list but 
it really does work and can be mastered pretty quickly.

Phil Green.
EEb Bass
Britannia BS (Foden) Band.

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