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Compuserve members

In case any of you are missing us compuserve members, I'm hoping to get
this resolved on our behalf shortly (email to the md normally does the

Whilst I can't see your replies, I'd welcome views on the following
discussion point:

Can anyone give one good reason that's actually valid in 1997 as to why w=
should bother having a registry of players?

To start the ball rolling, I'd mention the following for starters:
1) Many associations allow day transfers - very laudable indeed if it hel=
bands that are temporarily struggling but not much different than not
having a registry in the first place!
2) Professionals/Army Musicians ar now allowed to play anyway so who are
trying to keep out?
3) People play in a particular band because they either want to be there
have been paid to be there - either way, a registry doesn't stop movement=

between bands.

I don't not believe that we should have a registry just because we've
always had one and certainly not to generate income under the guise of
being something we can't do without.
At SCABA, we've streamlined our system and received the thanks of our
members - it is my belief that most would thank us even more if we were t=
s it totally!

I say, stop wasting time and effort registering bandsmen and concentrate
making music! Views from both sides welcomed, copy me in at
awooler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx until such time as we're back in the fold!

Andy Wooler
Resident Conductor, Uckfield Concert Brass
Public Relations Officer, SCABA
awooler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (personal)
andy.wooler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (work)
Views expressed are those of the writer and not necessarily those of SCAB=
Uckfield Concert Brass or London & Southern Counties Regional Committee

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