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Re: Silent Brass Mute

Marshall, Sergio wrote:
> Hello all
> has anyone had any experience with the Yamaha Silent Brass mute for flugel
> horn.
> Our flugel player purchased on from Giardinelli's in the States and when she
> got it the sound in the headphones at full volume was like she was playing
> in the next room at ppp.  She send the mute back at her expense and the
> replacement was exactly the same.
> Has anyone had any problems with this mute?  I have tried the trombone model
> in my tenorhorn and the result was astounding.
> Cheers
> Sergio Marshall
> Solo horn
> Waikato Times Hamilton Brass
> New Zealand

I have the one from trombone and it is wonderful. Is she sure she was using it 
correctly? I've never heard of this problem and its really strange that the 
replacement did the same thing. 

Kevin Baker

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