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RE: Compuserve members

	I believe that the only useful purpose that a reistry provides is to stop the 
"bandit" bands who will import players from higher section bands purely in 
order to win. I have known it happen at an "unregistered" contest (a special 
one off event) where a previously non-contesting band one a contest because at 
least half the band were from a Championship section band.

	Ob the other hand we have a player, who attends every rehersal, 90% of 
engagements, but cannot contest because he is registered with another band (2nd 
section where we are 4th). I can see no reason why, if it can be policed, that 
players such as this (regular bona fide members) cannot play in both bands.

The above are purely my personal views. My band probably don't have an opinion.


Graham Wade
Haslemere Town Band

On Wednesday, June 25, 1997 4:48 PM, andy wooler [SMTP:awooler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
> Can anyone give one good reason that's actually valid in 1997 as to why we
> should bother having a registry of players?

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