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Re: Steve Sykes (Tubaist)

In message "Steve Sykes (Tubaist)", brass-band@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> Re:Hello brass band list
> Re:
> Re:Can anyone tell me if Steve Sykes the tuba player has any CD's 
> Re:issued?
> Re:
> Re:He was guest soloist at a concert last week where I was helping out 
> Re:and I was VERY impressed!
> Re:
> Re:Record company, distributor and-or CD numbers would be most helpful.
> Re:
> Re:Thanks
> Re:
> Re:Ian McKechnie
> Re:<mckechnie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

The only thing I know for sure that exists is a cassette with some 
very fine performances that he distributes himself. You'll have to try to
contact him directly for it.

Steve also recently recorded some solos with the Woods Manufacturing Co. 
Brass Band with the intent that we would put out a CD. I don't know the
status of this effort at the moment, only that the tapes are being
edited. Watch this space for more info at a later date.

Harold (Hal) Floysvik
EEb tuba, Woods Manufacturing Brass Band.

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