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Sheona White in Australia

My band (Hawthorn) has just played two very successful concerts with Sheona 
White (tenor horn) in Warragul and Melbourne over the weekend.  
Let me repeat what I'm sure you all know anyway - she is a wonderful player.  
She not only has technique a plenty but she is musical and that sound is just 
the warmest most beautiful thing to hit your ears.
I must confess I had reservations about whether we could fill a hall to hear a 
tenor horn soloist and such a relatively unknown one at that.  But we had very 
good crowds and they just lapped her up.  They couldn't get enough of her.  
There were many curtain calls and encores.
So if you are looking for a crowd pleaser, I cannot recommend Sheona highly 
>From here she moves on to Launceston (Tasmania), Adelaide (S.A.), Sydney and 
Brisbane and back home just in time for the Open.

Glenn McGowan (Hawthorn Band - Melbourne, Australia)

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