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Re: Cleaning/maintenance procedure

Hello Martin,

If its of any help, here are a couple of things you missed from your list.

Slacken off the valve caps top and bottom after each playing session.
 - This prevents thread seizure.

Apply grease very sparingly (vaseline is probably as good as anything) to your
tuning slides. 
 - This prevents the wrath of your conductor during band tune-ups.

Besson also have a dedicated telephone Hotline 0181 951 1838 offering free
advice on anything relating to Besson instruments, including care and

Your posting reminded me of a well known player who,  before an important event
would rinse out his cornet with a pint of fresh milk. He was convinced this
improved his tone, just how much the milk routine could be attributed to his
already brilliant tone I don't know.
Never tried it myself (I could never afford enough milk to fill a Euphonium).


Derrick Chapman
MD Drumblade Band
Music editor Castle Music UK
Web site

If you decide to try out the milk routine don't forget to rinse out the
instrument before putting it away,  otherwise you will be very unpopular next
time you open your instrument case!!

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