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Contact information for James Wats (fwd)

Forwarded message follows:
> Dear Nigel Horne
> As I have some trouble with my home computer at the moment and therefore
> isn't connected to the brass band mailing list, I send this mail to your
> personal e-mail address.
> Would you happen to have any contact information on James Watson (the
> best thing would be a phone number, but an e-mail address will do). He
> is playing a couple of concerts in Denmark at the end of this month and
> my conductor and I was wondering if, perhaps, he would guest conduct our
> band at the same occation, but unfortunately we have no information of
> how to reach him.
> Thanks in advance.
> Joan Vuust Nielsen
> Aalborg, Denmark
> --------------------
> Joan Vuust Nielsen
> Trilingual Commercial Correspondent
> Aalborg University
> Department of Development and Planning
> Fibigerstraede 2
> 9220 Aalborg East
> Denmark
> Phone: +45 96 35 84 32
> Fax +45 98 15 32 98
> E-mail: joan@xxxxxxxxx

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