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Re: Fw: MLFHS: Besses oth Barn Brass

Roy Newsome would be able to help I would think. Don't have his number but
I'm sure somebody on the list will.

You could also try Walter Ainscough on:

+44 1942 231811

ex JJB Sports Leyland

At 08:24 AM 5/9/97 +0100, you wrote:
>I have forwarded this message from the Manchester and Lancashire Family
>History Society (MLFHS) Internet group mailing list in the hope that
>someone more knowledgeable than I may give some assistance.
>Reply either to me, Kevin Smith < kevin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx >, or to the
>originator of the message, Dianne and Colin  < deltat@xxxxxxxx >
>> From: cjc <deltat@xxxxxxxx>
>> To: 'mlfhs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
>> Subject: MLFHS: Besses oth Barn Brass
>> Date: 05 September 1997 12:48
>> Are there any books or other  sources  of information 
>> about Besses o`th  Barn Brass Band?
>> Is the band still in  existance/
>> Thanks for all the replies we received for Vitriol, EIN
>> Railways etc it was much appreciated.
>> Are researching  CLAYTON (Bolton) FAULKNER&
>> (Kearsley) YATES (Pilkington) and  MACK (All)
>> Kind regards from NZ
>> Dianne & Colin.
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