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Re: NSW Contest Results - conductors, comments

At 16:50 8/09/97, Peter Younghusband wrote:

>So what happened to Warratah Phil?

I do not read too much into a single adjudication. Mark Corben might offer
some specific comment on behalf of Waratah-Mayfield. I am biased - I have
always liked their band's style and I think their previous results are more
indicative of their true rank.

  What happened to us?? Well, we are recovering from losing our Solo Horn,
2nd Eupho and 2 excellent Eb Basses. The new players worked very hard in
the lead-up to the contest. However I have to admit that the overall sound
of our band - intonation, ensemble, dynamics -was not up to the same
standard as it was last Easter. We did really well with "Harmonious
Variations" - a very musical performance I thought -, but it is not the
same standard of difficulty as pieces like "Dances and Arias", and I think
this counted against us.

  I listened to most of the other bands and found them difficult to fault.
Both Holroyd and Willoughby nailed  "Dances and Arias".

  It is customary for adjudicators in Australia to address the audience
after the contest. In his comments this adjudicator said how difficult the
whole exercise had been for him, and how impressed he was by the standard
of every band he had heard.

>Who was conducting who?

Band			Musical Director

Willoughby		Anthony Timmins
Waratah-Mayfield	Ron Grice
Holroyd			Mark Strykowski
Warringah		Jack Saunders
Sutherland		Steve Capaldo
St Marys		Ken Bradley 

Willoughby is usually conducted by Peter Walmsley - he played solo horn on
the day. Anthony obviously did well.

Best regards,

Phil Anderton
Philip Anderton B.Optom Ph.D	Ph:    +612 9385 4375
School of Optometry		Fax:   +612 93136243
University of NSW			Email: P.Anderton@xxxxxxxxxxx
Sydney 2052			Web:

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