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Re: Solfah (was A beginning band)

On Sun 21 Sep 97 (11:40:24), nwears@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>Henry - Can you please clarify something about this?  Is the Solfege
>system the one where C is always referred to as "Doh" no matter what
>key you are in?  I know there is a difference between Solfege and
>Solfah, and I think that this is it.  How does Solfege work when the
>key contains a great number of sharps and flats?  What exactly were the
>benefits of people learning in this way?

I never bothered to learn Solfah (or Solfege, whatever) and was never
encouraged to do so. It obviously works for singers, so I see no reason why it
shouldn't work for instrumentalists too.

The alternative (and my choice) is to learn intervals by name and by sight. You
should also be able to "hear" intervals between note pairs before attempting to
play them. This is essential for good sight reading.

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