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Re: National Brass Band Centre/Society

At 18:25 06/10/97 +0100, John M. White wrote:

>To anyone out there who is interested or may have an opinion!!!
>I am currently studying for my Post Graduate Diploma in Architecture and
>for my thesis I am proposing to design a National Brass Band Centre.

Having seen the physical size of Dean Clough Centre (Halifax) first hand I
would have thought that enough capacity may eventually become available
there to house all the facilities you envisage for your NBBC.  Even if the
building is "Listed", which I expect it might be, might not preclude its
redevelopment/ adaptation as required.  Good luck with the thesis anyhow (&
be sure to let us all know if your ideas become living reality).
>The centre I propose would consist of the following:
>A national competiton/concert venue.
>Purpose designed rehearsal facilities.
>Teaching facilities for individuals/ensembles/bands.
>A library of music.
>A museum/hall of fame.
>A restaurant/bar.
>Administrative accommodation for the bodies currently housed a Dean
>Specialised retail outlets
>It is my intention that this development would provide a focal point for
>an existing disperate society, as well as, providing purpose built
>accommodation which the movement generally does not have.
>Hopefully the centre could also accommodate national/international summer
>schools, concerts of national importance
>Thanks in appreciation for your reply.
>John M. White
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