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RE: Woods Brass - Nova Scotia Tattoo98

The full band of 51 musicians is required to be present on June 24. A few 
exceptions might be permissable, especially if we go over 51 members but we'll 
have to negotiate this with the Tattoo officials. Several other teachers have 
expressed interest and they have the same date problem.  The important thing 
at this point is not to be discouraged; we want to have an absolutely stunning 
band to show off to the 50,000+ audience.

If you are still interested, I need to know your instrument, location (US? 
Canada? UK?) and e-mail address so I can reach you directly. When I have that 
info I'll put your name in the late arrival list.

And yes, we do indeed plan to have a band of 51+ players. In 1996 we had 41; 
another 10 should not be too difficult to find!


From: Ron Hustins
Sent: Tuesday, October 07, 1997 3:59 PM
To: 'brass-band@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
Subject: RE: Woods Brass - Nova Scotia Tattoo98

	I would like more info. on this event, please.  As a teacher I
am committed to finish the school year until approx. the 28th of the
June.  Would that make it impossible to participate?  Am I correct in
understanding that you plan to have a brass band of 50+ players?  


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