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Re: Registration

At 04:32 14/10/97 -0400, Andy Wooler wrote re. Contest Registration:

>At SCABA, we already have advantages in that members using our registry can
>have more players registered than say a band using National Cards. [snip]

>But having said all of that, I seriously question why we need registration
>at all! As long as we can come up with a process to ensure that no
>individual appears with more than one band at a contest, then we could rid
>ourselves of the whole thing - I put a discussion document on this very
>subject to the last SCABA quarterly meeting and will post a copy to the
>list when next at home.

My tuppence worth on SCABA's system is that is a lot more straightforward
than the signature form system at Nationally Graded contests ...... and is
therefore preferable from a player & band secs. point of view. ...... but I
still think a central register of players should be kept for each band and
cannot envisage how any alternative system could function (but my mind is
open to new ideas ..... unlike the "dinosaurs" Andy mentioned)

As for the no. of players on stage ....... I think the numbers at ALL
contests should be limited to 25 plus percussion as that is what the music
we play has been written for after all.  Having 34 players on stage only
adds to potential intonation problems and a wasted day for the "extra"
players IMO.

>Many associations now have day transfers - I fail to see a difference
>between having day transfers and having no system at all - both allow a
>player to appear at different contests with different bands.

I like the idea of Day Transfers ..... in principle ...... but this needs
to be limited:

(a) to a max. 3 players per band (including percussion!) per contest
(b) each D.T. player should only be allowed to play for 1 band and in 1
section only of that contest
(b) to a max. 1 x D.T. player per BB instrument part, i.e. only 1 x D.T.
solo cornet or trombone, for example.
(c) Exclude D.T. players who are registered with bands in a higher section
(nationally) or players who are not registered with any band at all .....
principally to keep out the pro musicians from what should be an amateur's

Re. your comments about D.R. & KM Medway Band:

I didn't hear either the winning perf. (Aveley & Newham) or K.M. but find
it as hard to believe as you that the former were placed higher than the
latter if it was indeed the case (as you say) that:

Leaving bits out and finishing the test piece a bar early gets you a
sectional prize

I did hear Uckfield though and was suitably impressed ....... particularly
with the Sop. solo efforts near the beginning of your piece ..... well done!! 

But you really HAVE to do something about that UNIFORM Andy ......
Championship/1st Section Bands shouldn't have to suffer such public
humiliation in those garish colours (yeuch!) ............. at least you
"stop at" lapel buttonholes a la Friary Guildford!


Angela Tregaskes
<angela@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (alternative e-mail)

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