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RE: Nationals

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  • Date: 17 Oct 1997 09:49:00 +0200
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>Hello from Norway,
>Anyone on the list playing in the finals in RAH on saturday?
>Please let me know what you think of the piece, the same piece is going to
>be used in the finals in Norway as well.
>Which bands are participating in the championship section on saturday?
>In a few weeks time, saturday 1st Nov, we are going to an entertainment
>contest in Stavanger called Siddis Brass, our conductor on this occasion
>will be major Peter Parkes.
>If theres any interest I will try to bring the results on the list after
>the contest.
>I think Roger Webster is going to play on the Gala concert as well as a
>concert on Sunday 2nd Nov. in Stavanger.

Yes, there will be a concert at the Salvation Army corps Sunday 2nd Nov. 15:00

Who will attend.....

The National Band of the Salvation Army in Norway,
Manger Musikklag and Roger Webster as a guest soloist.

Atle Salte (Web-Sergeant)     e-mail: atle.salte@xxxxxxxxx
The Salvation Army Band, Stavanger

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