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Hi Tim,

>>Is anyone on the list planning on going to Pontin's this weekend?<<

As you probably know from Big Martin, Stourport-on-Severn will be there for
the first time in 3rd section.

A lot of us will be staying over the weekend (I'm taking the family<G>) so
hope to see you there!

>>We're playing Pageantry in the Championship section on Sunday, and the
piece for the 1st section on Saturday is James Cook - Circumnavigator by
Gilbert Vinter which in my opinion is technically much harder, although
Pageantry is the more difficult to pull off effectively.<<

Be interesting to hear these as i don't know them.
We're playing Eric Ball's Four Preludes (another EB after Tintagel in last
year's regionals). Can't say the 2nd Bari part is over inspiring! :-( 
Plus, I see Geoff Whittam is adjudicating. Hope we don't have him as he
didn't seem to like some of our playing at the regionals :-(

>>Anyway, hope to see some of you cheering us we defend our

As long as I'm not too hungover on the Sunday I'll be there to listen to
Sovereign defend their title!

best of luck!



2nd baritone

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