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Re: Nationals result and transfernews

On Fri, 24 Oct 1997 Steven_Harlow@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Date: Fri, 24 Oct 1997 10:04:19 +1000
> From: Steven_Harlow@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> To: brass-band@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Re: Nationals result and transfernews
> Its a pity money always seems to come in to play now days, I know a lot of
> Musicians down here like myself who would give their left arm (if I didn't
> need it to hang on to my Bari) just to play with some of these bands let
> along actually get PAID for it.
> Steve.
Maybe one day (in 1998?) you will ..... please continue to think positive 
& practice VERY hard!!

> > 
> goaty@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> 10/23/97 09:11 PM
> Please respond to brass-band@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> To:   brass-band@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> cc:    (bcc: Steven Harlow/BCA/AU)
> Subject:  Re: Nationals result and transfernews
> On 22 Oct 97 at 18:43, Martin Irwin wrote:
> > I have heard that Pete Roberts has gone to YBS as well, but I've
> > also heard that Kevin Donaldson (commonly referred to as Baldrick)
> > has left the sop position at Faireys (currently filled by Martin
> > Winter) and has gone to Yorkshire Imps.
> >
> > I think that if YBS lose their sponsorship, they may fold, but more
> > probably most of the players will eventually leave, as lots of
> > players these days only join some bands for the money and don't have
> > too much loyalty.  At my own band, Brighouse & Rastrick, there is no
> > sponsorship (our own choice) and no huge fees to players, but we do
> > sometimes struggle to fill vacancies, especially when another band
> > offers a player money. Obviously the player will take the money most
> > times.  Our philosophy is that we only want players who join because
> > they want to play for B&R.
> >
> > Martin Irwin.
> >
> I agree with Martin.  Although we do pay retainers to players
> (myself included) they are not the sort of money that would make a
> player join us if they didn't want to.  Our Sop player was
> offered,and I'm not making this up, 10 TIMES what she gets from us to
> play for one particular band but she refused, and our Solo Euph
> offered DOUBLE and a bit to join another top band but again he
> refused.  When our band didn't have a sponsor we polled all our
> players about giving up expenses and retainers and everyone was
> willing to give up expenses and all but one willing to give up their
> retainer.
> The bands who can't say this will have a real problem when their
> sponsorship IS pulled.
> Choosing not to have a sponsor is not really an option for most top
> bands.  We have not had enough chart success to have our investments
> paying us an income, nor do we have the public awareness to be able
> to sell out concert venues where-ever we go.  The Brighouse and Dyke
> (and more recently Grimethorpe) names still have a much bigger draw
> than the rest of us.  With costs going up, and every player thinking
> they ought to be paid something, sponsorship is the only way to stay
> at the top for most bands.
> Any comments ??
> Tararabit,
> Phil Green.
> Solo EEb Bass
> Fodens (Courtois) Band.
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