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Re: Top 50


like i said, computer generated statistics are meaningless, thanks for
helping me make my point.


jim britcliffe
united co-op band (crewe)

In a message dated 24/10/1997  18:45:46, you write:

<<  The important thing to remember about this list is that is based
 purely on contest results.  I think the system is based on the same
 formula for calculating professional golf rankings and each band has a
 certain number of ranking points each month, which are derived from
 contest results over a rolling 3 year period.  POints are allocated
 using a very complex system taking into account strength of field,
 number of bands, etc.  Most recently, Wingates came 2nd (this in itself
 is probably responsible for a huge jump up the table) at the All England
 Masters, Dyke didn't play.  The Open was postponed this year which gave
 all Open bands a disadvantage.
    It's part of the old question again - contests versus concerts.
 Statistically, between October 1994 and October 1997, Wingates have had
 more contest successes than Black Dyke, therefore they are higher than
 them in the table.  Dyke do not enter many contests, therefore despite
 the fact that they are the most famous band in the world, they will
 never feature particularly highly in the rankings, unless they do
 something really spectacular like taking the Grand Slam as they did in
    To save argument, look at it like this.  Instead of saying 'Dyke are
 the 9th best band in the country' say 'Dyke has the 9th best record of
 contest results over the last 3 years in the country'.  Even though it's
 a bit of a mouthful.
 Tim Morgan, Bass Trombone, Woolley Pritchard Sovereign Brass. >>

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