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Re: Favourites./Isiah 40

On 27 Oct 97 at 18:02 Adrian J. Raven spewed forth -
> > More's the pity.
> > Sounds like a comment you'd get from the type of bander who spends the
> > whole contest in the bar getting pissed, then complaining about the
> > result!!
> > Also the kind of person who judges a performance based on a checklist of
> > high notes, splits/fluffs and fast licks. Unfortunately, for you, "Songs
> > for BL" requires a much greater "musical" understanding, something you
> > (and many like you) evidently lack.

Monkey retorted 

> Each to their own - if you need that much 'musical understanding' I'm glad I'm
> not as clever as you!.
> How many times have you heard it played on concerts due to audience demand I
> wonder..........?
> BTW, I didn't realise it was an offence to speak your mind - I thought England
> was a democracy. Obviously some like you think not!
> > Have a nice day!!
> > Adrian J. Raven
> U 2 !!!!!!
I DO happen to be one of those bandsmen who judge contest 
performances on splits/fluffs/poor intonation/poor ensemble/band 
technique etc.  After all I am judging the band, not the (in most 
cases bought in professional) conductors interpretation.  If all else 
is equal this obviously will come into account but not until.  If 
players can't play their parts on the contest stage, that band don't 
deserve to win.
The musical understanding you speak of comes in most cases not from 
the players but from the M.D's, Jim Watson, James Gourlay, Peter 
Parkes, David King, Nicholas Childs etc..  If it hadn't been for Gary 
Cutt's interpretation of Severn Suite Marple wouldn't have won the 
Open.  If this is what we are to judge, who not let conductors go on 
stage and whistle the note lengths, phrasing and tempos they would 
get their band to play !!!!!

England is a democracy - Adrian posted from NZ.


Phil Green
Solo EEb Bass
Fodens (Courtois) Band.

"I'm not a musician - just an instrumentalist "

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