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Re: Nationals and Qaulifiers....

Angela Tregaskes wrote:

> On Fri, 24 Oct 1997 D.LANCASTER@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote (in support of the 
> NCC's change of rules and said:
> > 
> > [snip] .......there won't be much tension. But I have this vision, 
>>  beginning just as the
> > adjudicator (is it Bram Gay?) finishes his summing up and you get the
> > results:
> > 
> > 4th Besses O the Barn...
> > 
> > 
> > 3rd Marple...
> > 
> > 
> > and all of a sudden there's an awful lot of tense folks out there.. 
> > And if you still don't believe me, ask anyone else who was sitting amongst
> > the Dyke players at Bradford this year when they announced: 2nd 
> > place: Rothwell... 
> > 
> I was present in St. George's Hall (Bradford) at the Yorkhire Area 
> Champs. section as the results were announced in 1997 .... and like you 
> was more than a little surprised that Carlton Main also came higher up 
> the frame than Dyke ..... but as far as I know the Dyke lads were all in 
> the bar and not in the auditorium as you suggest .... and according to 
> one source all that bothered them about the result was the daunting 
> prospect of having to take part again next year!!
I was sitting near the rear of the hall with two or three quite vocal 
Dyke players behind me.  Following the results they expressed a
significant lack of cheer!

But my serious point was that contests are there to be enjoyed as 
much as any other performance situation; win or lose there's a lot to 
be gained.

Best of luck in the Second Section, Angela, but remember Culloden 


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