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RE: Favourites./Isiah 40


Some people like one kind of music others like another kind, to say that
if you dislike 
a particular piece you don't have a "musical" understanding is a little
short sighted, when all said and done music is down to peoples own
personal taste. I'm sure there are pieces you don't like - perhaps you
don't have the degree of musical understanding to comprehend those


From: Adrian J. Raven
Sent: 27 October 1997 04:37
To: brass-band@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Favourites./Isiah 40

> Where does it say that they won fairly.......???? I would love to see
> Monkey
> PS - I can say that now, because my ban is up!!!!!!!!!

More's the pity.
Sounds like a comment you'd get from the type of bander who spends the
whole contest in the bar getting pissed, then complaining about the
Also the kind of person who judges a performance based on a checklist of
high notes, splits/fluffs and fast licks. Unfortunately, for you, "Songs
for BL" requires a much greater "musical" understanding, something you
(and many like you) evidently lack. 

Have a nice day!!
Adrian J. Raven

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